Jennifer Connelly on Not Meeting His Son Due to Coronavirus Self-Quarantine: It's 'Tough'

While she remains in Los Angeles, her 22-year-old actor son, Kai, who is from a previous relationship with photographer David Dugan, has stayed in California since January.

AceShowbiz - Actors Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany are desperate to be reunited with her eldest son as he remains in Los Angeles while the family self-isolates in Vermont.

The stars have been taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously and have been holed up at their rural estate with their two kids for weeks, but continuing to social distance, as per official health experts' guidelines, has taken its toll on the family.

Connelly reveals she has lost track of time because they haven't left the property, and their son Stellan, 16, and daughter Agnes, nine, are so bored, package deliveries have become the highlight of their day.

In an Us Weekly preview of the "A Beautiful Mind" star's Emmy magazine interview, she says, "I can't remember if it's three weeks or four weeks now that we've been here."

"We don't go anywhere. The other day, the UPS guy came, and the kids got so excited. They were like, 'We haven't seen a person in a week! Can we watch?' And I was like, 'Yeah. Sure.' And they literally sat on the staircase and watched as I opened the door and waved and talked to the UPS guy from a distance."

"That human connection, not having that contact, has been really difficult for everyone," she adds.

Connelly admits it's been particularly tough not being able to visit her 22-year-old actor son, Kai, from a previous relationship with photographer David Dugan, who has stayed in California since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in March.

"We haven't gone this long without seeing him," she says. "Ever!"

And Connelly, whose new TV series "Snowpiercer" was shut down just before completing production on season two in Vancouver, Canada, plans to gather friends and family for a big reunion once it's considered safe enough to do so.

"We're going to have a huge gathering (after the pandemic)," she explains. "I want to have a get-together with all of our friends and family. Cook a big meal, have an evening all together. That'd be great."

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