Trina's Cousin Bobby Lytes Drags Khia, Throws Nasty Accusations About Her and Family

In an Instagram video, the 'Love and Hip Hop: Miami' star throws some nasty, serious accusations at Khia and her family members, prompting fans to slam him in the comment section.

AceShowbiz - Trina and Khia have been feuding for some time after the former dissmisses the latter's challenge for a song battle. Now, Trina's cousin and "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" co-star Bobby Lytes has inserted himself in the drama by throwing some nasty, serious accusations at Khia and her family members.

In a video that he uploaded on Instagram on Friday, June 5, Bobby dressed as if he was a judge in a fake trial for Khia. He then mocked Khia for her alleged "rough upbringing as her mommy was an infamous prostitute." He also claimed that Khia would sit in the front seat of a car while her late mom performed sexual acts at the back seat and "poor Khia was a subject to all of it."

According to Bobby, a woman named Donna helped her and her homeless mom and moved to Tampa. When her mom died from "unknown deceased," Khia allegedly followed in her mom's footsteps and "had sex at the age of 12 with many many men." Bobby also said that Mrs. Donna claimed that Khia turned on her and her family, before he called Khia "a young prostitute."

Later in the video, Bobby said that the father of her daughter was actually not Billy Finch, but his brother instead. Bobby went on claiming that the man was a "well-known rapist and child molester. He's very known for raping his nieces and young girls." Additionally, Bobby threw another nasty allegations, saying that Khia's baby father raped her at the age of 12 and impregnated their own child.

It must be noted that none of this had been confirmed as he only cited so-called "reliable sources."

Most of fans in the comment slammed Bobby for the video. "You’re doing too much! Stay out of these woman fights..," one user wrote, while another fan simply called this "disgraceful." Another comment read, "How do we go back to this? Use this time to educate yourself. Use your platform for something more productive. Let her carry on! Empty vessels make the most noise."

"are you done licking Trinas boots ? orrr . and there was no need to bring up Khia's mother, ion want to hear shit when someone disrespects your dead ones," someone else stated. "I'm not sure how to make of all this . I love you Bobby but making front of or blasting that someone was sexually abused as a child or subjected to trauma in any sort isn't really a joke I to suffered from trauma and some people do rise above it as myself and some people don't as of Khia some parts are funny of what you were saying and some parts are just a little inconsiderate maybe even heartless," added another person.

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