Troy Ave Doubts Jim Jones Will Kill 6ix9ine Despite His Wish

The 'New York City' rapper thinks that the UFC fighter needs to get back at the 'Gooba' rapper for sending Jim's 'man' Mel Murda to jail, if they are serious about 'street codes.'

AceShowbiz - It's no secret that Tekashi69 a.k.a. 6ix9ine has lost the respect of many members of hip-hop community for snitching, but Troy Ave thinks that's not enough. Speaking in the first episode of his new podcast "The Facto Show", the Brooklyn rapper expressed his wish to see the New York City native getting a more severe punishment from the streets for betraying his former gang members.

Troy said that UFC fighter Jim Jones a.k.a. Jon Jones should have 6ix9ine killed, because the "FEFE" hitmaker sent Mel Murda, whom he described as Jim's "man," to jail. "If n***as are talking about the streets and street codes and s**t, well, what should happen, technically, is Jim Jones should have him murdered because he sent Jim Jones' man Mel Murda to jail," he challenged the professional mixed martial artist.

Troy, however, doubts that it will happen, because people are not taking "street codes" seriously. "It's f**ked up. We'll see if it happens. I'll say the streets is a myth, ain't nothing gonna happen. It is what it is," he remarked.

The 34-year-old spitter went on suggesting fellow rappers, who have been speaking out against 6ix9ine on social media, to keep the same energy when they see him in the street.

6ix9ine has been serving the remainder of his two-year prison sentence for racketeering case in home confinement after his early release from jail in April due to the coronavirus pandemic. Though he's not in a witness protection program, he has been keeping the location of his place a secret. Earlier this month, he was forced to move to a new house after the address of his rented property was leaked by one of his neighbors.

Meanwhile, 6ix9ine has been working on his new music from home and released his new single "Gooba" on May 8. He was going to follow up it with another new song which was supposed to be released this Friday, May 29, but it has now been delayed.

On Wednesday, he went on Instagram to announce that the new song is pushed back to next Friday, June 5. He explained that the delay was simply because the music video is not yet ready. He considered about doing an Instagram Live Q&A with fans on the day the new song was supposed to be debuted instead.

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