Melissa Etheridge's Son Alleged to Become Increasingly Erratic in Months Leading to Tragic Death

On the day her 21-year-old son with ex-partner Julie Cypher passed away, the 'Ain't It Heavy' singer admitted that he had been struggling to overcome his opioid addiction.

AceShowbiz - Melissa Etheridge might have revealed the cause of her son's sudden death, but speculations surrounding his tragic passing carried on. New reports have come out suggesting that 21-year-old Beckett had grown increasingly erratic in the final months of his life that he spent in a $3,500-a-month Denver apartment.

Fishing guide Joe Kayafas, who claimed to be friends with Beckett for three years, told DailyMailTV, "It got really weird - he was buying all these guns and modifying them to make them look all crazy." He added, "He was showing off all this jewelry and stuff. Combined with tons of drinking lean. He was drinking purple all the time." Purple drank was an intoxicating mixture of codeine cough syrup and Sprite.

The outlet also reported that Beckett went on a two-month drug bender before he passed away. Claiming to obtain footage the 21-year-old shot nine weeks ago, it went on to describe that Melissa's son was seen in one video "taking a hit of an unidentified substance from a large bong," and showing off large collection of modified guns in another.

Kayafas, who described Beckett's lifestyle as "toxic," admitted to have never seen people doing drugs as much as Beckett. "He did everything. He once showed me a bag with a thousand Xanax and he was like, 'you want some?' " the 38-year-old recalled. "I like to party but I'm not into things like that. He was always on something pretty much."

Beckett passed away on Wednesday, May 13. Breaking the sad news was Melissa's team through a simple Twitter statement. Hours later, the "Ain't It Heavy" singer herself came out with a grieving message in which she acknowledged that her son with ex-partner Julie Cypher has lost his battle with his opioid addiction.

Beckett's older sister, Bailey, has also made use of Instagram to express her devastation over the sudden loss. "I don't know what to say. Today we lost my brother. Too heartbroken and overwhelmed to be eloquent but appreciate all those who have reached out," the 23-year-old wrote in her tribute. "I love you Beckett. Fly high and watch over us."

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