Meagan Good Addresses Skin Bleaching Rumors

The 'Think Like a Man' star has just responded to a fan who accuses her of bleaching her skin, alleging that 'she not so pretty anymore she looks average.'

AceShowbiz - Meagan Good's appearance when she attended "Black and Blue" after-party back in 2019 baffled fans. She looked lighter than she used to be, prompting people to think that she's bleaching her skin. Now, the "Think Like a Man" star has offered fans a long overdue explanation about the changed look.

The actress responded to a fan who brought the topic to the comment section of her Sunday, May 17 Instagram post. "Megan looked better dark skin... She not so pretty anymore she looks average... But her dark skin was above average.... Why did she Bleach," said the user.

In response to the comment, Meagan said, "I didn't Queen." She added that the change was due to a skin product that messed up her skin. "A (unbeknownst to me) unlicensed aesthetician gave me a product to correct a sun damage mark on my forehead that messed up skin. By the grace of God only," so she said.

The 38-year-old star went on explaining, "I'm about 80% through recovery and regaining my color daily. To be honest it was a beyond painful and traumatic experience because I would never wish that on anybody. I'd really appreaciate if you wouldn't continue to spread assumptions and rumors. Godbless you."

Some fans also defended Meagan amid the accusation. "First of All, Meagan has never been of darker complexion in her life so I'm so confused about the whole 'bleaching' thing. It truly angers me. She doesn't bother anyone. People are so miserable," a person said.

Echoing the sentiment, someone else noted, "She was never dark skin ... not even close. She's the same shade in the magic earring Barbie commercial. Y'all need a chart on skin color because yo dark & actual dark aren't the same."

Applauding Meagan's classy response, another user wrote, "When moments of ignorance lead to a better understanding. Them type of responses gotta have you really reconsidering life."

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