Andrew Garfield Finds Life 'Very Strange' as He's Self-Isolating Alone Amid Pandemic

The 'Amazing Spider-Man' actor shares tips on how to deal with stress as he is quarantining by himself during the ongoing lockdown amid coronavirus pandemic.

AceShowbiz - Actor Andrew Garfield has offered up his best tips for mental wellness during the coronavirus lockdown in a new charity video.

"The Social Network" star filmed the homemade public service announcement (PSA) for the Child Mind Institute's special #WeThriveInside campaign, which aims to help kids through the pandemic.

"I'm alone in my apartment, which is interesting, so I'm finding reaching out to friends and family and people that I love and that love me, and that will let me hold space for me to be emotional or honest about how I'm feeling, that feels really important," he says in the video posted to YouTube on Friday, May 8, 2020.

Andrew also reveals he has come to accept that life amid the coronavirus pandemic is "very, very strange," which is also helping to ease his mind.

"(I) accept there's going to be some wobbles, there's going to be some anxiety and there's going to be some fear," he shares.

Andrew's new PSA comes a week to the day after his ex-girlfriend Emma Stone, who is a board member at the Child Mind Institute, shared her own tips for coping with the COVID-19 lockdown on the company's YouTube channel.

"I've found meditation is very helpful for my anxiety disorder, so just sitting (for) 10, 20 minutes a day and repeating a mantra is really good for me, but you can just count your breaths," she said in her own video for the initiative. "Another thing I've been doing is dancing all around my house, blasting music and just getting it out. Any exercise at all really seems to help me, but dance is my very favourite. I just get very silly and very loose and that seems to work for me."

A string of other stars, like Emma's friends Octavia Spencer and Jonah Hill, have also contributed to the #WeThriveInside campaign for the Child Mind Institute, a non-profit for families and children struggling with mental illness.

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