Kylie Jenner's Fans Mad at Her Family for Not Forgiving Jordyn Woods

Seeing that Khloe Kardashian has been back on good terms with her cheating ex Tristan Thompson, fans can't help pointing out at the injustice of the KarJenner family for still keeping Jordyn on the outs.

AceShowbiz - Jordyn Woods has hinted at being ready to make amends with her former BFF Kylie Jenner, but the latter has not publicly responded to the subtle plea. On the other hand, Kylie's sister Khloe Kardashian has been back on good terms with her ex Tristan Thompson, who was accused of cheating on her with Jordyn.

The flirty interaction between Khloe and Tristan was recently highlighted in an episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians", prompting fans to react to the injustice of the KarJenner family for having forgiven the NBA star while still shunning Jordyn. Seeing the episode, one person reacted on Instagram. "I'm still mad they sacrificed Jordan for a storyline."

Another echoed the sentiment, saying, "I agree," before noting that Jordyn seemed to be doing just fine without being around the famous family. "Jordan's glow up is awesome to see. She's so beautiful and talented but we would never know if they didn't try to destroy her," the said fan added.

Others, meanwhile, accused Kylie's sisters of secretly being jealous of Jordyn, which was believed to be the reason why they threw the Instagram model under the bus. "Kylie liked her or having someone around. The others were jealous of their relationship and the gifts Kylie gave her. They (sisters) spoke about her throwing her friends parties and not them," a third user theorized.

Agreeing, someone else chimed in, "Agree, they had to have secretly not liked her the way they threw her under the bus. And all the K's and friends starting bullying her the next day."

Some others, however, thought that Jordyn was in on the cheating scandal, which they claimed was staged for a publicity stunt, so people don't have a reason to be mad at Kylie or her family. "She clearly was in on it so why be mad?" one person asked other commenters. "Jordyn was in on it," another similarly commented.

Jordyn recently sparked a speculation that she might be sending a secret message to Kylie after she posted a throwback photo of her taken during her vacation with her former bestie in January 2019. The social media personality captioned the snap, "imissyouandiloveyou," prompting many to wonder if it was addressed to the Kylie Cosmetics founder.

"Do you miss kylie !" one curious follower inquired. "I think [she misses Kylie] because this photo was taken on her vacation with Kylie," a second user weighed in. Another fan commented, "You were on vacay w Kylie, I remember's okay to miss her."

Jordyn and Kylie were inseparable before they had a fallout. However, just roughly a month after their tropical vacation that was captured in the throwback snap, their friendship was ripped apart due to Jordyn's alleged affair with Khloe's then-boyfriend Tristan.

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