Offset's Baby Mama Appears to Taunt Cardi B With Nicki Minaj's Brazen Rant

Shya L'Amour seems to take a subtle dig at Offset's wife in a TikTok video, which features her mouthing an audio snippet of interview by the 'Bodak Yellow' hitmaker's nemesis.

AceShowbiz - Is Offset's baby mama Nicole Algarin a.k.a. Shya L'Amour shading his wife Cardi B again? The mother of the rapper's 4-year-old daughter appears to have taken a jab at the "Bartier Cardi" raptress in one of her recent TikTok videos with the help of Cardi's nemesis Nicki Minaj.

In the clip which she also posted on her Instagram page, Shya played an audio snippet of the "Anaconda" hitmaker's 2018 CRWN interview, in which she blasted people in the "industry" for trying to end her career.

"You can't get rid of me, b***h! I'm not going nowhere. I'm not going no f**king where," the Harajuku Barbie declared in the audio, which Shya is seen mouthing in her own clip. She additionally wrote over the video, "When everybody in his ear trying to convince him to leave you alone."

Shya's TikTok video arrives after she dragged Offset to court for child support, claiming that the Migos member cut the child support for their daughter Kalea after she turned down his sexual advance. She also posted receipts on her social media account to prove that she spoke the truth.

Shya later exposed Offset's wife Cardi for allegedly threatening her over and over again. In a video shared on Instagram, she revealed that she's been trying to patch things up quietly and privately to no avail. "I came to her privately and respectfully and she still came to disrespect me and talked about how she's gonna smack me," she said. "That was your second time threatening me."

Shya went on attacking both Cardi and Offset as saying, "They're disrespectful and stupid, bro. How can you be respectful? It's like talking to a f***ing wall, man, you people slow." Not stopping there, she expressed how she couldn't believe Cardi decided to threaten her when, in her opinion, women should come together at times like that. "Why do you feel like somebody owe you something? Why do you feel so entitled? I don't owe you s**t," Shya continued, declaring that this would be the last time she spoke about her issues publicly.

In the caption of the post, she added, "Don't talk to the blogs behind the scenes trying to spin the narrative and think I'm not going to speak my truth... them days over with. & this ain't got nothing to do with him or our differences that will be settled in court! This is about my respect period. I let y'all slide for too long... you was literally begging and blowing up my phone to see receipts of 2018 so I showed you."

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