Video: Ari Fletcher's Son Calls MoneyBagg Yo 'Ugly'

The Internet personality and her rapper boyfriend are busy talking during an Instagram Live session when her son, Yosohn, repeatedly calls his name to get his attention.

AceShowbiz - Even though MoneyBagg Yo and Ari Fletcher are not quarantining together despite being in a relationship, they still make sure to communicate whenever they can. For instance, the couple recently held a joint Instagram Live session in which the stripper's son, Yosohn, joined them for a chat.

MoneyBagg and Ari were busy talking when Yosohn kept calling his name. This prompted the rapper to respond, "What's up bro?" However, the response he got was most likely something that he was not expected at all. Yosohn paused for a while, before saying, "Ugly." Before Money could even answer, Ari started talking.

Those who tuned in to watch the Live couldn't help but laugh at the little boy's remarks. "He said what he said," one wrote, to which another responded, "And that's on period." On the other hand, someone commented, "He said ugly I heard that clearly." This prompted another to chime in, "I ain't kno what else he was saying but that was clear as day."

MoneyBagg and Ari started dating late last year following months of rumors. Even though the two have been all lovey-dovey, their romance isn't one without trouble. For instance, earlier this year, the two made headlines over an alleged physical altercation at Exchange in Miami. According to reports, Ari punched him from the back before hitting her rapper boyfriend in the face.

However, MoneyBagg has since denied the rumors. "Can y'all stop with da fake news now this s**t went on long enough." One of his followers then responded, "If there wasn't video of you pulling ari wig off this wouldn't be going on... I'm just saying." But MoneyBagg didn't get what the user was saying because he later told him/her, "Show me a video where I did some dumb s**t like that. I'll wait."

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