BLACKPINK's Lisa Accused of Stealing Choreography From Black Dancer

Cierra Nichols claims that the K-Pop singer is taking the inspiration off her dance routine to QUIN and 6LACK's 'Mushroom Chocolate' without giving her credits.

AceShowbiz - Lisa of BLACKPINK has been hit with plagiarism accusations. The Thailand-born star recently uploaded a video of her performing a dance routine to QUIN and 6LACK's "Mushroom Chocolate" before a black choreographer named Cierra Nichols blasted and accused her of stealing her choreography.

In Lisa's video, the K-Pop singer could be seen performing her moves while lying on the floor. At one point, she got back up and continued her routine. Meanwhile, in Cierra's video, which was uploaded a month before Lisa's, she mostly danced while lying on the floor.

Learning of Lisa's choreography, Cierra was quick to call her out. "In today's episode of 'Let's Steal from Black People' a Korean singer gets 7.8 million views in a day using most of your choreography. Love that for us," she wrote on Instagram Stories. Later on, she took to Twitter to write, "Convinced people can't read. I know to credit someone if I clearly pulled from it. I seen the inspiration the girl looks great."

In another post, she shaded Lisa, "It's okay, though… doesn't look s**t like when I did it anyway."

Not stopping there, she responded to an Internet user who came to watch her video after seeing Lisa's, "Because of Lisa and her choreographer using my moves." In another post, she insisted, "It's not about the drama girl I could care less but it's clear where the beginning got its inspiration. It's clear there not doing anything like mine. That's why I'm fine."

Lisa has yet to respond to the accusation, but a lot of her fans have come to her defense. Some even clicked the dislike button on Cierra's video and even threw so much negative comments to the point where the choreographer decided to turn off the comment section altogether.

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