Jermaine Dupri Addresses Kandi Burruss Past Romance Rumors

During the interview on T.I.'s 'ExpidiTIously' podcast, the music producer talks about his 'eight year, nine year relationship' with Janet Jackson before revealing why their romance didn't work out.

AceShowbiz - Jermaine Dupri recently stopped by T.I.'s "ExpidiTIously" podcast. During his appearance, they had a wide-ranging discussion with Jermaine talking about rumors of him dating Xscape singer Kandi Burruss back in the day.

The hip-hop star revealed that the rumors seemingly sparked after he gave Kandi the role as lead vocal of her group's hit single "Just Kickin' It". "When I wrote 'Just Kickin' It', it was in a low register. Nobody in the group… they weren't singing down there. The only person that had that tone was Kandi," he explained.

"From that point on, that was the lead… And everybody like, 'You like Kandi, you was dating Kandi,' " Jermaine continued. "None of that had nothing to do with… we weren't even nowhere in that area. It was just the fact that I was writing songs."

Jermaine went on to say, "My mind was 'get to this money…' I pay so much close attention to movies that I start trying to live what I see happens in these movies… But one of the things I noticed in most movies is that it's always a female that f**k up the money. This played in my mind so many times. I just was like, that's not bout to happen!"

During the interview, he also talked about his relationship with Janet Jackson. "We met at her concert at The Omni [Coliseum]. Kris Kross came… This is when Jermaine Dupri was just a producer. I wasn't nobody. I didn't have no record out yet or nothing. Nobody knew me besides what I did for [Kris Kross] and Xscape," he recalled.

"We go to her show and I'm part of their entourage… Kris Kross goes in to meet Janet Jackson, and the bodyguard hit me with the hand," he added. "So they're like, 'That's our man!' "

"They’re telling her, and when they tell her, she had to vouch for me, 'Let him in, he cool.' When I came in, it was almost like the Diana Ross concert. She started talking to me, 'You must be the special one… Why they ain't wanna leave you outside?'… It seemed like an energy, right? At that point I was just like, I'm gonna see you again," Jermaine shared.

Jermaine later said that he started to bump into Janet's people often. As their relationship went further, he took her out on a date. "I took her to Magic City. I exposed her to a lot of life that I didn't even know I could expose a person to. You think when a person is that famous, that rich, they know everything. They've seen everything. But it was a lot world that we was living in, cultural wise, that they hadn't gotten in L.A. That's where we started hitting it off. We were showing each other multiple things," he added.

As to why they didn't work out, Jermaine shared, "I started seeing so many other things that I wanted to do, and so many other places that I wanted to do. I started thinking that marriage for me wasn’t gonna work."

"I think the only thing that created a difference for me was the fact that we didn't live together. We had an eight year, nine year relationship, but we didn't live together. I feel like that's a part where you really determine if you're strong," he explained. "She wasn't willing to move to Atlanta. She was willing to come out here for a couple of weeks. But living in Atlanta, for her, just didn't really seem like L.A. I wasn't ready to move to Malibu… I like it, but it aint… It's just something about being [in Atlanta.]"

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