This Is What Lil Wayne Has to Say About Daughter Reginae's Split From YFN Lucci

In the new episode of 'T.I. and Tiny: Family Hustle', the young girl reveals what kind of advice her rapper father gave her following her split from her ex-boyfriend.

AceShowbiz - Reginae Carter's split from YFN Lucci doesn't completely leave a bad taste in her mouth. If anything, she has found something to be grateful for through her breakup, and that is her relationship with her father Lil Wayne. In an episode of "T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle", she revealed that she's become closer to him because of the split.

During the episode, Reginae revealed that the split made her be more open to him and receive some of his advice. "To hear my daddy tell me that Lucci, he loves you probably, but he's not in love with you because of the actions and the things that he's doing," the young girl said. "My father told me that sometimes when people don't know love themselves, they can't love other people, and you can't blame them for that."

She continued, "Sometimes people just don't know how to love. Lil Wayne! He made the song! 'How to Love'."

Reginae and Lucci had been dating on-and-off for some time before she finally decided to put it to an end altogether after learning that the rapper attended the infamous Cucumber Party. In an episode of "Family Hustle", Reginae revealed that the bash was "the last straw."

"After a long on and off again relationship me and Lucci are finally done," she said in the episode. "I feel like he didn't have respect for me like he did at the beginning. Of course, the cucumber party was the last straw for me. I feel like it's not respectful for a man who's in a relationship to be there. It's certain things that you just don't do, especially dating me."

Reginae admitted she was a little heartbroken shortly after their split, but she assured others that she is doing fine. "I was in love with this man, but I feel like I'm in a healthy space mentally," she said.

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