Ke$ha Dedicates New Lockdown Song to Macaulay Culkin

The 'Tik Tok' singer pays homage to the 'Home Alone' actor and his classic 1990 movie in her latest music offering following her tribute to Nicolas Cage in her previous song.

AceShowbiz - Ke$ha's new lockdown tune "Home Alone" is a tribute to Macaulay Culkin and his hit 1990 movie of the same name.

The singer, 33, took to social media to share a clip of the tune, alongside footage of herself performing the new track blended with scenes from the classic film.

"I've been bored at home so I made a song for u animals!!! And a little video," she explained. "It's called HOME ALONE... dedicated to all of you sexy people hanging at home.....alone. and also dedicated to the one and only @culkamania."

The video begins with a clip of Daniel Stern's character Marv and Culkin's Kevin, saying "hello," as he points a gun into the camera. Kesha then dances around her lavish home in her bra, underwear, knee-high socks and a nearly unbuttoned blue denim shirt, showing off her kitchen, bedroom, and staircase.

"You know I'm home, alone / Macaulay, 'Caulay Culkin / And boo, I'm bored / My cellular is broken," she sings over a drum-heavy beat. "I'm in the mood, I'm in the zone / Honey, I'm not joking / Now ring me up on my home telephone, ring."

"I'm setting booby traps in case you're a bad guy / I'm reading bookies, baking cookies in my thigh-highs."

She ends the ditty with the line, "We'll have a fun time, fun time, right?"

The track is the star's latest tribute, after she teased another new song, titled "Nicolas Cage S**t", dedicated to the "211" star.

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