'Boy Meets World' Star Trina McGee Forgives Will Friedle After Exposing His Past Racist Behaviors

Trina, who previously accused her former co-stars of mistreating her on the set of the 1990s series, reveals that Will has apologized to her and admitted he 'wasn't educated enough' to know that he was offending her.

AceShowbiz - At least one "Boy Meets World" star has made amends with Trina McGee after she claimed that she endured racist treatment from the cast of the sitcom. A week after her tweets detailing the alleged mistreatment from her co-stars resurfaced, Trina revealed that Will Friedle has apologized to her not just one, but twice.

Trina posted on her Instagram page on Thursday, April 16 a throwback photo of her and Will as their "Boy Meets World" characters. In the caption, she wrote, "He apologized to me 22 years ago and again days ago in a in a three-page letter. We talked more on it and he acknowledged that he really wasn't educated enough in his early twenties to know he was truly offending me."

"THIS SHOULD AND COULD BE A TEACHING MOMENT FOR ALL. For all people of all races or different backgrounds," Trina continued, hoping that her experience would bring enlightenment to others. "He has conveyed to me how much this has changed his perception of comedy. And humanity."

She appreciated Will's apology as she stated, "Will apologized to me and I forgave him, I then apologized to him for making the statements public because his joke came out of just not knowing, not viciousness and he forgave me. That's what friends do."

She concluded her post with a message about coronavirus, writing, "Now get back to washing your hands and surviving this pandemic and let love and hope be the next pandemic. #loseonefriendloseallfriendsloseyourself #trinamcgee."

Will then commented on the post, "I love you, Trin."

Around a week ago, Trina's tweets, which dated back to earlier this year, were unearthed. In a series of posts, she exposed her co-stars' racist behaviors, such as calling her "aunt Jemima on set during hair and make up." At other moments, the Angela Moore depicter claimed she was "called a bitter b***h when I quietly waited for my scene to finish rehearsing that was being f'ed up over and over due to episode featuring my character. Told 'it was nice of you to join us' like a stranger after 60 episodes."

Trina later revealed that she was talking about the main cast, including Will, Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel. When someone asked those three actor to explain this, Trina skeptically responded, "Good luck with that." She blasted them in another tweet as saying, "They should be a light and own up to it. Sad and sick behavior."

While Will has responded to Trina's claim, Ben and Danielle remain mum on her allegations.

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