During an appearance on Gilbert Gottfried's Colossal Show, the actor playing Maura Pfefferman on the Amazon web series insists that he never intended to make co-stars and crew feel uncomfortable.

AceShowbiz - Actor Jeffrey Tambor has offered up a fresh apology over allegations he sexually assaulted co-workers on his old show "Transparent".

The actor vehemently denied making unwanted sexual advances toward his former assistant Van Barnes, his "Transparent" co-star Trace Lysette and makeup artist Tamara Delbridge when their accusations emerged in 2017, and he still struggles with the claims.

"Regarding how I left ('Transparent') I just want to make it really, really clear for your listeners out there that I'm not this guy," he said on Gilbert Gottfried's "Amazing Colossal Show" on satellite radio platform SiriusXM. "I in no way ever, ever intended to make anyone feel uncomfortable."

"It was a set like no other," Jeffrey added, while praising the "Transparent" cast and crew, "and, uh, there had to be, of course, instances where my interaction would be with these lovely people, could have been mistaken way other than how I intended. And I have profoundly apologised and I apologise now."

Tambor was accused by Barnes of making several inappropriate sexual statements, as well as watching her sleep in the nude without her permission, while Lysette also claimed he made sordid comments, and makeup artist Delbridge asserted he gave her an aggressive unwanted kiss.

He was fired from the show after the allegations emerged and the actor still regrets his departure from the groundbreaking drama, in which he played transgender divorcee and father-of-three Maura Pfefferman.

"If I made anyone, anyone feel vulnerable I'm sorry," Jeffrey said. "I'm sorry it ended the way it did, but I just wanted to say, you know, I have to say it, I'm so proud of playing Maura and (being) part of the LGBT community and getting that important message out and it's a highlight of my life and I just can't let the day go short and I can't leave this studio without saying something."

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