Young Thug on Sauce Walka's Boxing Match Challenge: 'I Don't Want No Smoke'

The Sauce Twinz member takes to his Instagram account to share a video in which he challenges any 'real celebrity' to fight while flaunting several stacks of cash.

AceShowbiz - Being bored during Coronavirus lockdown appears to put Sauce Walka in a fighting mood. The rapper recently took to his Instagram account to challenge any "real celebrity" to fight while flaunting several stacks of cash. He name dropped several names and among them was Young Thug.

"I will beat up Logan Paul, Jake Paul, or any rapper that's a real celebrity that wanna fight me," the "Where Was You At" claimed in the Saturday, April 11. Captioning the clip, the Sauce Twinz member wrote, "NO MORE GUN VIOLENCE IN 2020. let's FIGHTS any of my famous ' OUTS ' are welcome to join or the Grease is over cause u ' SCARY ' so we can all be friends @thuggerthugger1 @thuggerthugger1 WHOEVA F***ED UP WIT ME THAT ME THAT's FAMOUS OR I OFFICIALLY QUIT AND AND SQUASH IT ‼️ WE CAN PUNCH FOR THE FANS‼️"

Thug noticed it and didn't waste no time to respond to the challenge. Instead of talking about the fight, Thugger commented on how Walka should spend the money on. "U need to put that money into ya homies, build your label up..I'm sure it's n****s around u without, put them n****s to work too..boss up lil brother...," so he wrote in the comment section.

The "Best Friend" rapper added, "I don't want no smoke with u. BTW I JUST SPENT THAT ON GROCERIES THIS MONTH."

Thugger and Walka had been beefing for some time as the two often exchanged insults on social media as Walka made homophobic comments and referred to Thug as a "transvestite." Walka recently clowning him for his boxing technique after the other claimed he would slap Walka.

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