Rich The Kid and Lil Uzi Vert's Past Feud Is Explained

The two hip-hop stars exchanged insults before they decided to bury the hatchet last year, and it was previously unknown what made them go at each other's throat.

AceShowbiz - Rich The Kid and Lil Uzi Vert used to be beefing with each other. The two hip-hop stars previously exchanged insults before they decided to bury the hatchet last year. At the time, it was unknown why the two were at odds, but now, "No Jumper" podcaster Adam22 puts an end to the mystery.

In his recent appearance on VladTV, Adam revealed that their beef stemmed from Rich wanting to ink a deal with Uzi. "He almost signed Uzi, he signed Famous Dex," Adam said of Rich. As the host was surprised, Adam continued, "Yeah, that's what their beef was about. It was super early on."

"Uzi was one of those dudes that Rich was hanging out with and thought was going to sign to him and obviously it would have been his biggest success to date as an A&R," Adam went on explaining.

Uzi rejected the offer and eventually signed with Generation Now. "[If he] got him to sign to Rich Forever, that would be unbelievable. He would be beefing with Rich The Kid right now instead of DJ Drama," Adam shared.

Back in 2018, the Atlanta native denied signing Lil Uzi. "Not right now, maybe back then," he said during radio appearance on Power 106 in Los Angeles with the The Cruz Show. "Maybe I would sign him on my business, but for personal reasons I wouldn't sign him."

He also accused Lil Uzi of trying to copy his style. "Aw look at my son [Lil Uzi Vert] tryna look jus like me," he wrote on Instagram Stories alongside a picture of the "Sauce It Up" artist sporting newly-dyed green dreads while holding a behemoth of a crab. While he didn't offer much explanation on how exactly Lil Uzi copied him, RTK was seemingly talking about the "You Was Right" artist's green dreads.

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