Ari Fletcher Goes on Rant After G Herbo Talks About Her in Interview

After clips of the rapper talking about how his ex and current girlfriend Taina make up surface online, Ari takes to Twitter to urge people not to talk about her in public.

AceShowbiz - Be it about good things or bad things, Ari Fletcher doesn't want anyone to talk about her without her consent. The social media star went on a rant on Twitter on Tuesday, April 7 after her ex and baby daddy, G Herbo (previously known as Lil Herb), talked about her during a recent interview.

During the interview, Herbo discussed how Ari and his current girlfriend Taina met after the former publicly banned her from being around her child. Recalling the time where the girls decided to end their feud, Herbo said, "That was a highlight for me. I was so happy, just because I know how important that is."

Herbo didn't actually say anything bad about Ari in the interview, but shortly after clips from the chat were made public, the girlfriend of MoneyBagg Yo went on a rant urging people not to talk about her publicly. "I just wish people would stop f***ing speaking on me. Don't say s**t about me or no situations that 'involve' me," so she said on the bluebird app. "Keep my name out ya f***ing mouth!"

Ari didn't name names in her tweet, but judging by the timing of her tweet, many suspected that she was referring to Herbo. Meanwhile, the rapper himself has yet to respond.

Herbo and Ari share a son together. Last year, the stripper went off on her ex-boyfriend after seeing a clip of him, their son and Taina in the same together. She said in a since-deleted post, "Stupid b***h sitting here with her face frowned up while you got my son. The b***h used to f**k Bibby, She’s a c*m rag a**, wanna be wifey a**, trynna luck up a** hoe. Please lie and say that sh*t didn’t so I can post it. You wifed a h*e that pretend to be this good girl shorty a** is a professional side b***h. You wifed a h*e that f***ed wiith one of your main homies."

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