Chris Sails' BM Decides to Abort Baby Because He Doesn't Want the Infant

Turning to her Instagram followers for help, Realitaly Banks writes, 'If your from Houston and you know of any resources for shelters and abortion clinics please contact me.'

AceShowbiz - Chris Sails is not going to become a father again anytime soon. Rumors have been circulating that he is expecting a baby with a model named Realitaly Banks, but she has apparently decided not to go through with the pregnancy after the rapper and YouTube personality told her that he didn't want to keep the child.

Gossip of the City obtained a screenshot of a text between the two in which Realitaly gave him an update on her pregnancy. However, instead of a nice reply, he told her, "What if I don't wanna keep it now." The model and dancer responded by saying, "You don't? You're going to stress me out."

Turning to her online devotees for help, she then wrote on Instagram Stories, "Anybody know of any shelters in Houston right now that me and my baby can go to during this time? If your from Houston and you know of any resources for shelters and abortion clinics please contact me." Realitaly added in a separate post, "Looking like I need to get an abortion."

Chris already has a son whom he shares with his ex-wife Queen Naija. The two tied the knot in October 2014 before breaking up three years later. In a post addressing their divorce, Chris admitted that social media, growing apart and losing his faith in God were the main reasons why his marriage to Naija crumbled.

"We used to be strong believers in God and then once we got access to the things that we actually wanted and the things that we needed, we got that stuff we stopped putting God first," he said at the time. "That's one of the huge reasons why we actually fell apart and everything started going downhill."

Chris is currently single after breaking up with his ex Savay, while Naija has since moved on with YouTuber Clarence White.

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