Shaquille O'Neal Cracks People Up With New Hairline After Losing a Bet to Dwyane Wade

The NBA legend proves he is the man of his words as he flaunts his hilarious major change during a pre-game show as a punishment for losing a friendly wager with Dwyane.

AceShowbiz - Shaquille O'Neal has left people cracking up with a major change in his hairstyle. The retired NBA star, who has kept a bald appearance for most his athletic career, became the butt of the jokes online after he recently showed off his hairline, and blamed a friendly wager with fellow athlete Dwyane Wade for the new look.

The 47-year-old athlete-turned-sport analyst debuted his rare hairline during a pregame show on TNT on Tuesday, March 3. "Let's get it out of the way, America," he addressed his look. "I had a bet against one of my good friends, D Wade, Milwaukee versus the heat. I said Milwaukee was gonna win by 20 and the Heat won."

"I said, 'So what do you want me to do? Pay you?' He said, 'Nah, you gotta let your hairline grow out and we wanna see your hairline looking like Kenny Smith,' " Shaq noted that Dwyane was referring to a former Houston Rockets star. Miami Heat, however, won the game against the Milwaukee Bucks with a 105-89 score.

"So I just lined it up for y'all, so y'all could see where my hairline starts," the NBA Hall of Famer told his fellow panelists, Candace Parker, Adam Lefkoe as well as Dwyane himself. He went on to note that he is loving his new look. "I look good, and I'm proud to do it and I'm keeping it like this all week," he added.

Shaq offered another look at his hairline through a video post on his Instagram account as he welcomed any mean comments directed at him over his rare look. "That new diesel fade on point ain't it. The hardest cruelest comments gets a free @invictawatch, go ahead, hurt my feelings," he threw in the challenge in the post's caption.

Not wasting any time, many flooded the comment section of his post with jokes. Comedian Benji Brown said, "That's the stuff the police use for fingerprints when they book you." Another user, in the meantime, wrote, "Bruh people gotta be shooting full court behind your hairline." A third commented, "Hairline so far back its a back court violation."

Cleveland Cavaliers player Carlos Boozer, however, took a different approach. He comforted the NBA legend by writing, "It ain't worse than the Beijing i had back in the day big bro."

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