Matt Barnes Appears to Be Wanting to Squash Beef With Baby Mama

In a new interview, the former Golden State Warriors player admits that he 'wasn't perfect but I'm not a bad person,' adding that he 'really made an effort' all this time.

AceShowbiz - Matt Barnes seemingly is tired of feuding with his baby mama Anansa Sims. The former Golden State Warriors player revealed in a new interview that he wished he could have a civil relationship with Anansa, with whom he shares a son together.

While stopping by "The Hollywood Unlocked", the retired athlete said that his relationship with the plus-sized model, who accused him of harrasment, progressed quickly and within just a few months, Sims discovered she was pregnant. That led them to have a serious discussion on the status of their relationship.

"I was more on the side of, 'This is fast, is this the right move for us? Our relationship is new,' " he explained. According to him, Anansa responded, "It'll work."

"I really made an effort. I took a family picture. When have you ever seen me in a family picture? I posted her. I just wasn't comfortable all the time and I just think that as much s**t as I've been through and as much money as I've lost in court battles and to my ex and as much as I've been dragged through the mud and everything," he continued.

He added, "To me I'm to the point where I'm selfish and you have to fit in my game plan, on my path, and go with that or it's not going to work….I just want to be happy and with so many people dying, me pushing 40, you realize that life is short and it's important to be happy while you're here so I left."

Matt admitted that he "wasn't perfect but I'm not a bad person." He explained, "I haven't done anything to deserve a restraining order. I'm very transparent to a fault and the situation was not a situation that was comfortable for me and my twins anymore and I decided to make a move off of it. You can't break up and go your separate ways anymore -- someone's going to get in their ear -- their mom or family members are going to get in their ear and it's crazy."

Despite the tension between him and his baby mama, Matt revealed that he wished he and Anansa could "be friends." Additionally, he wished to be "on a regular schedule" with their son.

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