Alexis Skyy Says Fame 'Slowly Takes a Toll' on Her in Twitter Rant

Instead of symphatizing with the 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' star, people are ridiculing her though some others note that the troll only further proves her point.

AceShowbiz - Everything comes with pros and cons, and when it comes to fame, Alexis Skyy experiences it first hand. The "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star recently took to her Twitter account to complain about being famous.

"I swear y'all don't understand how frustrating & annoying it is being known everywhere & famous!" she wrote to her online devotees on Tuesday, March 3. "of course, it has its perks & advantages!! but when nothing u say or do is private & everything is magnify for the worlds opinion & slander. It slowly takes a toll on you."

Instead of symphatizing with the TV star, people were ridiculing her. "You ain' that famous chill out lol," one reminded Alexis. Meanwhile, another user shared advice for her, writing, "or you can just not post your personal life ya know ??.. y'all hit that 'share' button we don't."

Setting the record straight, a user commented, "Famous and known is two different things. [Beyonce Knowles] is famous. [Oprah Winfrey] is famous. Alexis is like a local celebrity." One person implied Alexis wasn't really that famous as she said, "Im sure my colleagues wouldnt know who she is."

However, some others noted that people trolling her and commenting on her Twitter post only further proved her point. "Y'all are literally in the comments proving her point," one defensive comment read. Echoing the sentiment, another person added, "Y'all know what she means. this is exactly what she's saying .... plus y'all created this smh."

Alexis must be feeling burdened with her fame because she's currently in social media feud with Jayda Ayanna or Jayda Cheaves as well as Ari Fletcher after Alexis claimed that she "paved the way" for her fellow video vixens.

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