Liam Payne's Sister Not Sure If He's 'Strong Enough' to Deal With Constant Bullying Online

Ruth Payne sparks concerns about her famous brother's wellbeing as she pleads with people on the internet to be kind with one another following Caroline Flack's tragic suicide.

AceShowbiz - Liam Payne's sister Ruth has sparked concern with a tweet wondering if the singer is "strong enough" to deal with the constant negative comments about him.

It was the Brit Awards on Tuesday night, February 18, 2020, where tributes were paid to Liam's One Direction pal Harry Styles' ex-girlfriend Caroline Flack, after she took her own life on Saturday, that seemed to prompt Ruth into action.

After praising Harry's performance at the awards, she tweeted, "I dont use twitter alot anymore as this is the darkest place ive seen in the past in regards to comments about my brother and everyday it makes me worry if hes strong enough to take that much negativity in public daily, so it really is such a personal message #bekind."

She then added, "So spread happiness, be funny without hurting peoples feelings and push each other to succeed #bekind... Please #bekind to each other and everyone on here and if you need support, please reach out and talk to someone, anyone, but please remember you are all needed in this life."

Caroline's suicide has sparked numerous conversations about mental health and the effect of trolls and negative comments online.

In a touching tribute to his former love at the BRIT Awards, Harry donned a black ribbon pinned to the lapel of his suit as he walked the red carpet.

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