Meek Mill Responds After 50 Cent Says He Wanted to Punch Him

Meek Mill claps back at 50 Cent after the 'In Da Club' lyricist said he's tempted to clock the Dream Chasers rapper in the face over his dispute with Drake.

AceShowbiz - 50 Cent said he wanted to punch Meek Mill and the latter quickly responded. On Twitter, the Philadelphia rapper suggested the "In Da Club" hitmaker was jealous of his success and only name-dropped him to get the media attention.

Meek didn't mention any names but it's safe to say he clapped back at Fifty since his Twitter post came shortly after Fifty's interview went viral.

In an interview on "The Breakfast Club", Fifty remembered talking to Meek Mill about his animosity toward Drake. "I was looking at him and I wanted to punch him, the stuff that he said I wanted to punch him," Fifty said.

In response, Meek tweeted, "It's not a coincidence all these people bringing my name up at once lol I been moving too right and certain people not feeling it because most of these guys can't get in the room! I been outside for years in the field!!! Now I'm helping changing laws now and freeing people."

50 Cent was not the only one having problem with Meek over his dispute with Drake. Quentin Miller, one of the writers who contributed to Drake's mixtape "If You're Reading This It's Too Late", put the Dream Chasers rapper on blast on the five-year anniversary of the project.

Quentin said his career was ruined after Meek accused Drake of using ghostwriters. "So, a lot people been congratulating me and sending me messages and s**t about the five-year anniversary of If You're Reading This and s**t ..." Quentin said in a video. "It's pretty much taboo for me to even talk about it. Unfortunately I don't have the good memories about it everyone has, my good memories were all murdered the day Meek Mandela ... The day he put my name out there and just blew up my whole spot. That s**t just f**ked everything up for me, bro."

Quentin mockingly called Meek the "Mandela" as he referred to Meek's criminal justice reform following his release from prison in late 2014. "Y'all buying that bulls**t, since he came out of jail, like he's - whatever," Quentin scoffed at the Philly star's reform initiative.

Meek Mill started feuding with Drake during his relationship with Nicki Minaj. The two men have since squashed their beef but it unfortunately led to Drake falling out with his former Young Money label mate Nicki.

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