Fans Are Not Feeling Amber Rose's New Forehead Tattoo

However, some others defend the 36-year-old star for her decision to have the new ink on her 'pretty face' as one of the supportive fans urges others to 'stop tattoo shaming.'

AceShowbiz - Amber Rose has added a new tattoo, joining others in her already large collection of body ink, and this time it is a brand new forehead tattoo. The 36-year-old model proudly showed it off when she made a public appearance on February 7, but it seemed like fans weren't a fan of her new tat.

In a photo that circulated online, someone appeared to be running into Amber while out at the Dolls Kill Store. "I was just shopping at @dollskill and my card declined bc I forgot to tell my bank I was leaving the state. I walked away to call them and the cashier walked up to me with my bag and said 'This is for you from Amber Rose.' LA is WILD y'all," the fan captioned the Instagram post which featured Amber posing with a smile.

The mom of two could be seen posing with a fan while flashing a smile. She looked gorgeous in a plunging black top and black leather pants while completing the look with black glasses. However, it was the forehead tattoo that caught people's attention.

She paid tribute to her kids as the ink read her kids' names, 6-year-old Bash and 3-month-old Slash. While it was sweet, fans couldn't help but think that Amber looked better without it.

"Holy f**k. That's pretty damn rad," one said of the ink. "Omg plsss let that forehead tattoo Amber Rose got be fake .. like girl nooo not your face," someone tweeted with another one adding, "Amber Rose got 2 tattoos on her forehead. Pretty face ruined. Wow. Smh lol."

However, some others defended Amber for her decision. "You guys stop tattoo shaming," one wrote. Another supportive fan argued, "So these male rappers can have tattoos lit from head to toe and Amber Rose gets a hairline tattoo and her sanity is in question?"

Admiring the art, one person stated, "I can't believe amber rose really got a forehead tattoo I honestly like how it looks tho."

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