Kelly Ripa Agrees to Be Blake Lively's Surrogate for Baby No. 4

The 'Live With Kelly and Ryan' co-host suggests that the 'Rhythm Section' actress should have four children 'because triangulation in children can be bad.'

AceShowbiz - Kelly Ripa is willing to help Blake Lively expand her family. Having suggested that the former "Gossip Girl" star should bring a fourth child into the mix, the co-host of "Live with Kelly and Ryan" accepted her guest's appeal for her to be a surrogate mother.

The conversation took place during the Friday morning, January 31 edition of the morning talk show. When Lively stopped by to promote "The Rhythm Section", Ripa brought up the topic of family, noting that the former and her husband Ryan Reynolds welcomed their third daughter together months earlier.

After the 32-year-old actress joked she felt like "having 47,000" children instead of three, the 49-year-old TV host shared her advise as fellow mother of three, suggesting the actress to have baby number four and wanted to be a surrogate mother. "If you have the third child, have the fourth child," she said. "Because triangulation in children can be bad."

Upon hearing the suggestion, Lively quickly replied, "You can have my fourth child for me." The leading lady of "A Simple Favor" went on to add, "You're hearing it live, she's the surrogate mother for me." Accepting her guest's lighthearted announcement, Ripa quipped, "Yes, I will be the world's oldest surrogate mom."

During the chat, Ripa also praised Lively's relationship with husband Reynolds. "I think you're well-suited," she told her. "I feel like if the two of you had married any other people, you definitely would've crushed the other person's soul, because you're so biting and amazing."

Ripa's remark prompted Lively to share, "We're always teasing each other." She went on to spill on their recent banter, "After I gave birth, he was like, 'Oh my gosh, you know, if I lost you and I went to the park with our three kids, I mean, think of the ladies I can pick up.' And he's like, 'I mean, I've got a long list.' "

As for her response to his teasing, the Carol Ferris of "Green Lantern" admitted she shook her husband up a bit by telling him, "Oh, really? 'Cause I just have one on my list." She was quick to clarify to Kelly and her co-host Ryan Seacrest, "I didn't! I don't have anyone on my list."

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