Ben J Blasts Tinashe for Getting Famous Off Former New Boyz Teammate Legacy

Later in the interview, Ben J likens the situations of Tinashe and Legacy to Trippie Redd, adding that women are using the Ohio rapper to make themselves famous.

AceShowbiz - Ben J and Legacy from New Boyz were at the top of hip-hop industry back in 2009 after they released their hit single "You're a Jerk". The duo continued their success by later collaborating with the likes of Chris Brown, Ray J, Teairra Mari, Dev, Hot Chelle Rae and YG but the group didn't last long as they couldn't seem to work through their personal disagreements behind the scenes.

In a recent interview with VladTV, Ben talked about whether or not he would reunite with his former collaborator. "That n***a Legacy ain't f**kin' wit me," Ben J said. "I can't get him to be apart of the group, I don't know how you gon' get him here to do this interview."

He then talked about how he was seemingly controlled by Tinashe, whom he dated at the time. "We couldn't get Legacy to do the Disney 'That's So Random'. He missed that 'cause he pretended like he had a f***ing stomach virus. Food poisoning. That was just some bullsh**t because Tinashe told him, 'That s**t is childish. Don't do that. Don't do this,' " he explained.

Ben J further made known that he's not a fan of Tinashe. "He wanted to stay with Tinashe and work on her career," he continued. "Legacy is a big part of why Tinashe is who she is. He produced her whole first project, shot all her videos, but she gave him no credit. I'm like, bruh, that's foul. Why you leave your group for this bum a** b***h. How you let this bum a** b*tch get famous off you? You crazy, bruh."

Later in the interview, he likened the situations to Trippie Redd, adding that women are using the Ohio rapper to make themselves famous. "That's how these b****es is," he blasted.

He also talked about how Nick Cannon at some point approached the New Boyz but Legacy "went in separate way" and that was why they missed the opportunities.

On November 9, 2013, amid speculations that they went separate ways, Ben J officially stated they decided to split up in order to pursue solo careers. "We've shared our talents with the world as a duo and had a very successful career in doing so, our songs stayed on the charts and our videos always received millions and millions of organic views on YouTube and Vevo. But after selling out shows and touring all over the world, we've decided that we'd like to share our talents with our fans individually," he said.

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