Edward Furlong

Also among the weirdest celebrity arrests was when a star was caught doing lewd action at a public place, while others got in trouble with the law after attempting to impersonate someone they're not.

AceShowbiz - Actor Edward Furlong got in trouble with the law after he was so intoxicated at a Kentucky grocery store back in 2004. The "Terminator 2" star stopped by a Meijer grocery store with a group of friends at around 11 P.M., and that was when he did something as weird as attempting to "free" lobsters out of the tank.

Not stopping there, he went on flinging them around the store, much to the store management's dismay. Following an argument, the store management called the police who later took the actor into custody on a misdemeanor charge of public intoxication. He spent three hours in jail before the director of the film he was currently starring in bailed him out.

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