Shia Labeouf

Also among the weirdest celebrity arrests was when a star was caught doing lewd action at a public place, while others got in trouble with the law after attempting to impersonate someone they're not.

AceShowbiz - Brushing with the law was something that Shia Labeouf rather often to experience. The actor was arrested for public drunkenness back in November 2007 when he stopped by a Walgreens in downtown Chicago to buy skin cream and cigarettes in the middle of the night. That seemed harmless if he didn't do that repeatedly, prompting him to get arrested with trespassing charge.

Talking about the incident, which he dubbed "utter insanity," Shia shared on an interview that he kept forgetting to actually buy what he intended to get in the first place so he changed his outfit before going each time, thinking the security guard wouldn't recognize him. Having enough of his antics, the guard eventually called the police to get Shia to leave.

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