Chris Martin Lashes Out at Aggressive Autograph Hunters After Charity Gig

In a video surfacing online, the Coldplay frontman can be seen chastising men who are chasing him down for a scribble by telling them to treat him 'as a human being.'

AceShowbiz - Fans of Coldplay need to be polite when chasing frontman Chris Martin for an autograph - he's not always a fan of signing.

The "Yellow" singer was caught on camera snapping at aggressive autograph hunters chasing him down for a scribble following a charity gig.

Chastising the men for their tactics in video obtained by TMZ, the 42-year-old said: "(Treat me) as a human being. Don't shout at me, it's so aggressive. Either ask nicely or just f**king be polite."

"Treat humans with decency."

Explaining he might have "family s**t" going on as they demand his attention, Martin makes it clear he knows the men are not real fans, adding, "These (signed items) are all going on f**king (auction website) eBay."

He then suggested his bad mood had something to do with "a shitty gig", adding, "which I did have".

Martin had just left a concert for prison reform in Los Angeles on Monday night (January 20) when he met the autograph hunters.

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