The Los Angeles Unified School District announces that the actress will be speaking to students about 'slavery, repression and race privilege' because the organization thinks she 'would be a great inaugural speaker.'

AceShowbiz - Next month people will be celebrating Black History Month. In order to mark the annual celebration, the Los Angeles Unified School District has tapped a celebrity to give speech related to the month to students in the city. However, their celebrity choice has confused a lot of people on the Internet.

In an email sent to journalist Yashar Ali, the organization announced that Gina Rodriguez would be speaking to students during Black History Month. "Gina, whose father is black, will speak to students about slavery, repression and race privilege. She will also take selfies with African American students," so the email read. As for the reason, the LAUFD believes that the "Jane the Virgin" alum, "who has both African and Latina ancestry, would be a great inaugural speaker."

But other people clearly didn't think the same as the organization, with many voicing their strong disagreement as they pointed out that Gina isn't black. "Gina Rodriguez is so f***ing tired. She is not black and nor is her father. There are a number of Afro-Latinos out there and this bish is not one of them," one said. Mentioning her controversial remarks, another wrote, "Black history month should not be used for Gina Rodriguez to rehabilitate herself. She has made racist comments and has not demonstrated that she has improved. This is unacceptable."

Meanwhile, an individual told others to "interrupt Gina Rodriguez's District speech for Black History Month," adding, "She is not a Black Latina. She continues to purposefully take up spaces for actual Black Women who are Latina out of spite and ignorance because we do not acknowledge her imaginary Blackness." Someone expressed his/her frustration, "It really does poss me off that Gina Rodriguez used a racial slur against black folks and she is give a platform to speak to black folks. F**k that."

"Now I've given Gina Rodriguez the benefit of doubt on a lot of stuff but this is where I draw the line. She has to be trolling at this point," another tweeted. One person reminded the LAUSD, "Gina Rodriguez has a history of making anti-black statements. To have her speak to out students is a slap in the face. Please reconsider this decision if you are truly wanting to make a significantly POSITIVE contribution for Black History Month!"

The LAUSD has yet to respond to people's outcry.

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