Amanda Bynes Gets Crooked Tattoo on Her Face After Leaving Sober Facility

The 'What I Like About You' actress receives mixed comments on the internet after debuting on Instagram a loop-sided tattoo that's inked on one of her cheeks.

AceShowbiz - Amanda Bynes has gotten herself a new tattoo ahead of new year. The 33-year-old troubled actress showed off her new body inking on Instagram. It was a loop-sided heart shape etched on one of her cheeks. She only put a skull emoji on the caption without any words.

Her new tat got the internet talking. As she blocked the comment section on her page, people turned to Twitter to share their thoughts. Concerned fans commented, "Oh honey no #amandabynes," "Bro what happened to Amanda Bynes," and "I love Amanda Bynes, I really hope she didn't ruin her beautiful face with this tattoo."

Some fans were disheartened to see her new tattoo was not well made. "Ok so who did @amandabynes dirty with this? That heart really looking jacked," one wrote. Another penned, "Poor Amanda Bynes... she is so lost and the crooked fact tat she got... smh."

Among the criticisms, there were still some who left positive notes for her. "I'm rooting for amanda bynes," one commented. "So what if my gal @amandabynes has tattooed her face, might be wonky but rock it sisTa x," another said. One other wrote, "If Amanda Bynes' new face tattoo is real then I'd say things are going really well for her."

The Nickelodeon star debuted her new tattoo only a few weeks after she fled a sober living house. She met her parents in court after she refused when they attempted to convince her to return to the facility. She allegedly stopped complying with her court-ordered conservatorship.

Amanda first checked into a psychiatric hospital in 2014 and again this year. She has since completed rehab and graduated from FIDM with an Associate's degree in merchandise product development. In 2018, she said she had been sober for four years and apologized to her parents for the hurtful things she said to them in the past.

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