Steve Jones Shares Frustration Over Recovery From Secret Heart Attack

Returning to his longtime Los Angeles radio show for the first time in months, the former Sex Pistols guitarist reveals his double health scare that sent him in and out of hospital since August.

AceShowbiz - Former Sex Pistols rocker Steve Jones is hoping for a healthy 2020 after enduring a "nightmare" recovery following a secret heart attack.

The 64-year-old guitarist recently returned to hosting his longtime Los Angeles radio show, Jonesy's Jukebox, for the first time in months, and revealed he had been in and out of hospital since August, after initially fearing he was having a stroke.

"I'm out in Malibu (California) with my buddy, Richard," he explained. "All of a sudden my face started feeling all wonky..."

Jones was taken by ambulance to a medical centre, where doctors diagnosed him with muscle disorder Bell's Palsy.

"(I had) no idea what it meant, other than when I smiled I looked like Popeye," he quipped of the condition.

The musician was soon discharged, but he was back in the hospital three weeks later after waking up in the middle of the night with a sharp pain in his chest, which required emergency surgery.

"I had a heart attack," Jones shared, explaining that surgeons discovered he had a "90 per cent blockage" in his arteries.

He has been in recovery ever since, but progress has been "a bit of a nightmare".

"I'm on eight (or) nine medications and I'm getting real weird reactions - dizzy and just out of my mind," the Brit admitted.

Jones has been hosting his radio show since 2004, after moving to Los Angeles in the 1980s.

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