Joel Osteen Talks Kanye West Friendship: This World of Faith Is New to Him

During an interview with 'Good Morning America', the famed televangelist reveals that it was the 'Stronger' hitmaker who initiated a conversation about spiritual guidance.

AceShowbiz - Kanye West formed an unlikely friendship with famed pastor and televangelist Joel Osteen after reaching out to him for advice about his newfound dedication to Christianity.

The "Stronger" hitmaker, who describes himself as a "born-again Christian", has been celebrating his faith at his weekly Sunday Service gospel get-togethers in recent months, and in November (2019), he headed to Houston, Texas to speak at and perform for Osteen's congregation at his Lakewood megachurch.

They have since decided to team up again for another event at New York's Yankee Stadium in May (2020), which is reportedly set to serve as the start of a national tour.

Now Osteen has opened up about how their partnership came about, telling U.S. show "Good Morning America" that Kanye personally contacted him for some spiritual guidance.

"It was interesting," the preacher recalled. "You know, Kanye's had a turn of events in the last year or so, and I got a text from him, and we just struck up a conversation and a friendship. And he was going to be in Houston for an event and I thought, 'Hey, you wanna come by the church?' And so it all came together."

Osteen claims the friendship evolved naturally, insisting it just "felt right" after initially discussing their faith.

"He asked me for advice because this world is new to him," he explained. "I just shared... with him just to... keep God in first place, and keep listening to his heart."

Osteen has since become a big fan of the reformed Kanye. "I'm a believer in people," he shared. "I found him to be very genuine and just... a fantastic person."

And the pastor, whose new book, "The Power of Favor", focuses on "God's empowerment," is convinced his new collaboration with Kanye is a sign from above.

"I believe when you have favour, God brings the right people to ya (sic)," he smiled. "Never dreamed in a million years Kanye West and I would be at Lakewood together, but here we are. So you never know what God could do."

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