David Foster's Daughters Say They Hated Brandon and Brody Jenner

Sara and Erin Foster open up in a new episode of their podcast that they resented their stepbrothers after their dad married Caitlyn's former wife and explain why.

AceShowbiz - David Foster's daughters Sara and Erin have opened up on the lasting "emotional turmoil" they suffered when their parents split.

The music producer, 70, and Sara and Erin's mother Rebecca Dyer were married from 1982 to 1986, before David went on to wed Linda Thompson, who is the mother to Brandon and Brody Jenner with Olympic athlete Caitlyn Jenner, in 1995.

Speaking on their "Sibling Revelry" podcast, the pair discussed their upbringing, and confessed they struggled to relate to their dad and his new famous family because it was so different from the world they grew up in.

"We never lived with our dad, right, after our parents broke up," said Erin, 37. "So, from the ages of three and five we were living with our mum, and our dad was living in this $20 million house with Brandon and Brody. It had the trolley, it had the pool and this thing."

Although she claimed people perceived the pair as "spoiled brats" and "rich kids," she clarified of her dad and his new partner, "They had a very different life."

Erin went on to share the isolation the sisters felt left them feeling a "deep" resentment toward their former stepbrothers, suggesting they "got all the backlash for (their dad's lavish lifestyle), but we don't actually get the benefits."

"Mine was less resentment towards (Brandon and Brody), it was more like, we're misunderstood out in the world, because we have this fake, spoiled lifestyle, but we're not even really allowed to be a part of it," Erin explained.

While they went on to reference their formative years as "survival mode," they are now close with their dad, with Erin asking her stepmum and dad's fifth wife Katharine McPhee to sing at her New Year's Eve wedding.

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