Teresa Giudice's 10-Year-Old Daughter Says She Doesn't Really Remember Dad Joe

In the episode, Teresa also learns about her husband Joe's second deportation appeal has been denied with their lawyer James J. Leonard, Jr. revealing that things doesn't seem too good for Joe.

AceShowbiz - Joe Giudice's prison sentence and deportation battle apparently gives a huge affect on his and Teresa Giudice's daughters, especially his younger daughter Audriana. In the Wednesday, December 11 episode of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey", the 10-year-old revealed to her sisters that she struggled to remember any memory with her dad.

"Look how cute this picture is of Audriana and daddy," Teresa said to her daughters. "Audriana, do you remember a lot of it now with like daddy and stuff?" oldest daughter Gia asked her little sister.

Gabriella chimed in, "Probably not," prompting Audriana to snap, "Stop it!" Teresa then said while playing with her daughter's hair, "It's ok, I want you to talk about stuff, Audriana."

Gia admitted during her confessional that "it's very hard watching Audriana not remember these moments because I have so many memories that I could think of with my father. And she has very few."

Audriana was only six years old when the 47-year-old businessman went to prison. Joe then was transferred to ICE custody after completing his 41-months jail stint.

In the episode, Teresa and family also learned about her husband Joe's second deportation appeal had been denied. "I am shell-shocked," Teresa said. "I'm so drained. It seems like one bad thing after another. I feel like I'm just so numb. I feel like I can't even believe this is happening."

"Joe was calling me and he's like, 'I'm sorry I let you guys down, I'm sorry. [He's scared] ... I'm scared too," she continued. "I want him to come home. We have four daughters together. I didn't sign up to do this alone. ... I'm scared."

Unfortunately, their lawyer James J. Leonard, Jr. revealed that things didn't seem too good for Joe. "He's in trouble," Leonard told Teresa and her brother Joe Gorga, who was also by her side. "His immigration lawyers made the arguments to the lower courts and the courts have denied it very aggressively. They blew up every single argument. The next step is another appeal to the third circuit and saying, 'Please, the lower courts have made mistakes.' "

"It could take months," Leonard said. "We have to start the whole process all over again. But the problem is, this is his last chance. And you’re not bringing forward new information, so I think the odds are against Joe at this stage. Immigration is the hottest topic on the planet and I think Joe is caught in the crossfire of that."

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