Alisha Wainwright Trolled Over Justin Timberlake Cheating Scandal

Despite the hate comments, some fans jump into her defense and ask the haters, one of whom accuses her of trying to get publicity with the scandal, to 'leave alisha wainwright alone.'

AceShowbiz - Alisha Wainwright made headlines for the past few weeks after she was pictured getting intimate with her "Palmer" co-star Justin Timberlake. As the actor recently took to Instagram to publicly apologize to his wife Jessica Biel, it appears that people also demand that Alisha will do the same.

"so Justin Timberlake had to apologize to all those pics but where the f*** is the apology from Alisha Wainwright. This B***h try everything to be famous," one fan wrote on Twitter. Echoing the same sentiment, someone else blasted Alisha for having "no respect for a married man to keep her hands to herself. Hope this doesn't happen again."

Some others accused Alisha for trying to get publicity with the scandal. "Responding to @WainwrightAE Men think with their private parts You SHOULD of been the bigger person and thought first about his family. Instead of an opportunity to get publicly," one person tweeted. "#AlishaWainwright is an opportunist! If it had been a guy getting all touchy touchy with a woman who was hammered drunk like @jtimberlake was, it would have been called sexual abuse. She's clearly sober and Justin wasted. She knew what she was doing. She has no morals no class."

Someone, meanwhile, trolled the actress by editing her Wikipedia page. "She is best known for her role in Justin Timberlake's marriage," read the description of her profile on the site, which allows fans to edit information.

Despite the hate comments, some fans jumped into her defense. "power's back wi-fi's back whatever. "leave alisha wainwright alone you talentless s**ts, jt is the one trying to stay relevant here," one fan said.

"Really wish people would just leave @WainwrightAE alone. She is one of the nicest human beings ever and I wish people would stop judging her over something so silly," another one added with someone else tweeted, "Just wanted to tell you that I love you. You're #Shadowhunters family always has your back."

Justin and Alisha sparked cheating scandal after the "Suit and Tie" hitmaker was seen holding hands with Alisha during an outing with friends at a bar in New Orleans. In his recent statement, however, the former NSYNC member assured that "nothing happened between me and my costar."

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