The Game's Manager Says Nipsey Hussle Isn't a Legend: It's the Truth
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Claiming that it's nothing personal, Wack 100 says his opinion is solely based on numbers and sales, and by the time of his death, Nipsey had no radio hits nor platinum hits.

AceShowbiz - The Game's manager Wack 100 might have just irked Nipsey Hussle's friends and fans with his new comment about the late rapper. The veteran music manager shared his stance on the "Feelin' Myself" hitmaker after attending The Game's 40th birthday bash at the Sunset Room in Hollywood on Friday night, November 29.

"He wasn't [a legend]," Wack told TMZ. "What's a legend? Define a legend. Let's keep it real. If Dr. Dre died right now, we'd say we lost a legend, right? Based upon what? Numbers, right? Body of work, right? How many albums did Nipsey drop? One album, right? This not no personal s**t. This is real s**t."

He went on explaining his opinion, "The man died with a million followers. No radio hits. No platinum hits. No world tours. After he died, he went platinum, sold a bunch of records, followers went up nine, 10 million. First of all, we gotta define what a f**ing legend is and what it f**king ain't. Was he on his way? I think within time, yes he would have been. At the time of his demise … let's keep it real. The truth can't be'defined as disrespect. If it is, that means you lyin' to you muthaf**kin' self."

The Game, who also celebrated his retirement at his 40th birthday party, looked a bit uncomfortable when he's asked about his manager's comment on Nipsey. Refusing to be dragged into the conversation, he made it clear that what Wack said didn't represent his opinion. "[Wack]'s got his own opinion, I've got my own opinion," he said outside the venue.

Wack previously sparked a controversy with his comment about Nipsey. In a leaked audio clip, he appeared to justify Eric Holder's action to shoot Nipsey as gang conduct. "S**tty Cuz, the alleged gunman, when it comes to the rules of engagement of gang banging, he did what he was supposed to do when another gang banger calls you a f****t, a pedophile or a snitch," Wack said. "You supposed to handle your business. And can't nobody say that's wrong."

Wack later apologized after he received a phone call from Nipsey's former manager Eugene "Big U" Henley. "ALRIGHT YOU GUYS WIN. @BIGU1 CALLED ME AND SCOLDED ME. ILL BE QUIET NOW," he wrote in an Instagram post.

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