Brad Pitt Admires Adam Sandler Over His Run-In With Professor Who Told Him to Quit Acting

In a chat with the 'Hotel Transylvania' star for Variety's 'Actors on Actors' interview series, the 'Ad Astra' actor confirms the story of how the former handled the encounter after he became a star.

AceShowbiz - Brad Pitt admires Adam Sandler for refusing to ridicule a college professor who once advised the funnyman to quit acting after crossing paths when he became a star.

The "Grown Ups" actor was a student at New York University in the late 1980s when he received a word of warning from one concerned teacher, who feared he would never make it in the industry he had chosen.

Pitt recalled the story in a chat with his pal for Variety's "Actors on Actors" interview series, admitting he discovered a whole new level of respect for Sandler after hearing from his "Moneyball" director Bennett Miller about how the comedian handled a subsequent run-in with the professor once he had established himself in Hollywood.

"You were at NYU, and it was your acting coach, or acting professor, I believe...," Pitt began. "He took you out for a beer... and he kindly said to you, 'Think about something else. Listen, you got heart, but you don't have it. Choose another path.' "

"There's a second part to this story," Pitt continued. "This is why it's my favourite Adam Sandler story and I think it says a lot about you: You ran into him when you were getting the ultimate payday, you were with a bunch of friends...."

"Anyone would think, that's the opportunity... to rub it in his face. Reportedly, what you did was, you said hi and you introduced him to your friends and you said, 'This is the only teacher to ever buy me a beer.' "

As a blushing Sandler nodded at the memory and confirmed the tale was true, Pitt shared his admiration for his friend, saying, "That's the guy I know, and I think that's why you're here after all these years."

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