Nipsey Hussle's Artist Killa Twan Threatens Wack 100 and Blueface for Justifying Shooting

The All Money In artist sends a threatening message to The Game's manager and the 'Thotiana' rapper after Wack seems to justify the murder of Nipsey by Eric Holder.

AceShowbiz - Nipsey Hussle may no longer be here with his friends and loved ones, but it doesn't mean those close to him will stop protecting him. The slain rapper's artist Killa Twan has sent a threatening message to Wack 100 and Blueface as he appeared to take issue with Wack's recent comments about Nipsey's shooting.

The hip-hop star, who is signed to Nipsey's All Money In imprint, posted on Twitter on Sunday, November 10, "On NicKersons I'll f**k over @bluefacebleedem in a head up squabble. LiL n***a betta watch his muhhf**kin mouf... him & wack!!"

Killa's tweet is believed to be a response to Wack's statements, in which Wack appeared to justify the murder of Nipsey by Eric Holder on March 31. Citing street rules when someone called another "a snitch," The Game's manager said last month, "S**tty Cuz, the alleged gunman, when it comes to the rules of engagement of gang banging, he did what he was supposed to do when another gang banger calls you a f****t, a pedophile or a snitch." He added, "You supposed to handle your business. And can't nobody say that's wrong."

He then doubled down on his inflammatory comment during an interview with the "No Jumper" podcast. "In this situation, you have a rapper and you have a dude who is a straight, authentic gang member," he said. "His whole life are these blocks. In the culture of gangbanging, when you call a muthaf**ka a b***h, a snitch, a rapist, a pedophile - when you call somebody these things in this jungle, it's no different than you being a football player and going on the field without your helmet on. You're going to get hit."

It's unclear why Killa also launched an attack on Blueface, while the latter barely talked about Nipsey's shooting during the interview.

Nipsey was shot and killed outside his store Marathon Clothing in South Los Angeles after he allegedly called Eric "a snitch."

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