Watch: Tory Lanez Punches 'LHH: Miami' Star Prince at Club

A rep for LIV Miami confirms the physical altercation between the singer and the TV star, saying, 'Last night our security broke up an altercation between 'Love and Hip Hop' 's Prince and Tory Lanez.'

AceShowbiz - A physical altercation apparently popped off at Miami's LIV nightclub over the weekend, and it involved singer Tory Lanez. Tory was captured in a video throwing a punch at someone on November 8 and the person getting punched allegedly was "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" star Prince Michael Harty.

According to TMZ, Tory was at the club for a show. In a video obtained by the news outlet, the singer was seen flying his fist at the man as they were having an argument near the VIP area. He then attempted to jump on Prince who fell back. It was further reported that "Tory's security team and entourage allegedly joined in on the beat down too."

A rep for LIV Miami told the site, "Last night our security broke up an altercation between 'Love and Hip Hop' 's Prince and Tory Lanez. We have a zero tolerance policy towards violence and both parties were immediately asked to leave the venue."

Police were also said to be called to the club due to the initial swing, but there seemed to be nothing came out of it. Additionally, Tory seemingly let his team handle the rest as he was able to get back inside and chill in his table. He also proceeded performing on stage later that night.

As for Prince, he reportedly wasn't seriously injured despite eating the punch.

Neither Tory nor Prince's parties have commented on the fight.

Of the altercation, Masika Kalysha said, "Lol that's a wild boy." One other person wrote, "YALL STOP PLAYIN WITH LITTLE TORY," while another use added, "Don't look like he connected."

One user was curious what caused the tension between the two, saying, "Mmmm I wonder what that was about lol." As for one other, s/he poked fun how Tory missed with his punch. “All that power in that swing to miss,” the person mocked.

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