Nick Lachey Hints at Kim Kardashian Hiring Paparazzi During Their 2006 Date

During his appearance on 'WWHL with Andy Cohen', the actor/singer also discusses his time during which he starred on MTV show 'Newlyweds' with his now ex-wife Jessica Simpson.

AceShowbiz - Nick Lachey is launching Kim Kardashian's dirty laundry. During his appearance on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" on Thursday, October 31, a caller asked the former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant something related to Kim Kardashian.

The caller asked the 45-yar-old if he ever heard from the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star after he dressed up as her and her then-husband Kris Humphries while guest co-hosting "Live with Kelly Ripa" on Halloween back in 2011. "That was interesting one cause I was hosted with Kelly and we played Kim and Kris Humphries at the time. And I was on stilts and the whole thing and then may 20 minutes after we wrapped the show, they announced their divorce," Nick recalled.

Later, he added, "But no, she's my ex is a little bit of a liberal use of the term too." Nick, though, admitted that they "went on one date," before adding, "But no, I never did hear from Kim on that one. Ironic timing."

It seemed like Nick was done but host Andy wouldn't stop until he dished more on his short-lived romance with the KKW Beauty founder. Nick revealed that they went to see a matinee showing of "The Da Vinci Code". "She left about halfway through and went to the restroom, and then shockingly, there were 25 paparazzi when we left the theater," he went on sharing, seemingly hinting that the reality TV star calling paparazzi on purpose. "I think there were other things in play on our little rendezvous."

However, Nick still gushed over Kim, who is now married to Kanye West. "Couldn't be a nicer girl, we had a great time. But no, we don't keep in touch anymore, to answer your question," Nick continued.

Nick also discussed his time during which he starred on the hit MTV show "Newlyweds" with his now ex-wife Jessica Simpson. "I think that show gave me a chance to kind of show who I was," said the 98 Degrees singer.

He added, "Because when you're in a boy band, nobody really knows who you are as a person. So although that chapter of my life is obviously closed, the show gave me a great platform to kind of say, 'Hey, this is who I am.' "

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