Demi Moore Turned Into 'Monster' When She Relapsed, Daughter Says

Tallulah Willis reveals how she treated her mother and spoke to her like a child when the latter relapsed, 'It was not the mum that we had grown up with.'

AceShowbiz - Demi Moore turned into a "monster" when she began hitting the bottle during her sobriety relapse, according to her daughter Tallulah Willis.

The "Ghost" star details her past struggles with substance abuse in her new memoir, "Inside Out", in which she admits to using drink and drugs to numb the pain following her 2011 split from her now ex-husband Ashton Kutcher, and in a candid new interview on Jada Pinkett Smith's "Red Table Talk" show, she and her three daughters revisit the tough time, which threatened to tear their family apart.

Remembering how their mother's behaviour would change whenever she started boozing, Tallulah, 25, says, "It's like the sun went down and like, a monster came (out)."

"I remember there's just the anxiety that would come up in my body when I could sense that her eyes were shutting a little bit more, the way she was speaking. Or she would be a lot more affectionate with me if she wasn't sober."

"It was just jarring," big sister Rumer Willis, 31, adds, according to, as Tallulah continues, "It was very weird, and there were moments where it would get angry. I recall being very upset and kind of treating her like a child and speaking to her like a child. It was not the mum that we had grown up with."

Scout Willis, 28, also joins her mother and sisters for the in-depth Facebook Watch discussion, during which they open up about other struggles they endured in their relationship and their three-year estrangement.

The episode debuts online on Monday, November 4.

Meanwhile, Moore was recently moved to tears by a touching phone call she received from her second ex-husband Bruce Willis, the father of her three daughters, as she promoted her autobiography.

In a chat on the "Present Company with Krista Smith" podcast, the actress reveals, "I was getting ready to do (The Tonight Show Starring) Jimmy Fallon live the other night, and I was in the dressing room and my phone rang, and it was Bruce.

"I was prepared for there, maybe, to be some sensitivities (about her book), and he called and he got very emotional. He said, 'I'm so proud of you.' I, too, then became very emotional, and I'm not a crier... (but) to be walking out (onset) and (have) that encouragement, it just really meant so much, so much to me."

Moore and Willis divorced in 2000 after 13 years of marriage, but have remained close ever since.

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