Selma Blair Already Made Her 'Plan for Death' Before Starting Chemotherapy
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The actress who is suffering from multiple sclerosis opens up that she was warned by doctors of the dire consequences if the chemo treatment didn't work.

AceShowbiz - Selma Blair made her "plans for death" and informed her son of her last wishes before undergoing an "aggressive" form of chemotherapy to help her multiple sclerosis.

The 47-year-old actress, who went public with her diagnosis with the lifelong condition that affects the brain and spinal cord last October, has been doing her utmost to be as open as possible with her fans with regards to her treatment plan.

And as she attended the TIME 100 Health Summit on Thursday, October 17, the "Another Life" star admitted chemotherapy, most commonly used for cancer patients, was among her last resorts when her other medication failed to make her feel any better.

"The disease modifiers didn't work for me at the time, and I was really declining more rapidly than I found acceptable," she said. "Why would I put this horrible drug in it - chemotherapy, I don't have cancer. But I was kind of out of options and I was looking."

Selma had one small dose of chemotherapy, which gave her relief, and decided to go ahead with an "aggressive" plan for regular sessions. But while the appointments are helping the screen star at the minute, she's been warned of the consequences if it doesn't work.

"I was warned. You kind of make your plans for death," she explained. "I told my son I'm doing this you know and he would like me cremated. You have more chemo than for cancer patients, because the aim is to almost kill you and it's the stem cells that allow you to live with the amount of chemo. The chemo is the MS cure, if it in fact does happen."

Selma shares eight-year-old son Arthur with her fashion designer ex Jason Bleick.

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