Ellie Goulding Makes Public Grandfather's Suicide for Mental Health Awareness Week
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Through a powerful post about the painful loss, the 'Starry Eyed' hitmaker additionally opens up about her own battle with anxiety and how she deals with the issues on daily basis.

AceShowbiz - Ellie Goulding is opening up about her grandfather's suicide in an effort to promote Mental Health Awareness Week.

The "Starry Eyed" hitmaker took to Instagram on Monday, October 14, to mark the occasion with a powerful post detailing the painful loss of her grandad.

"Today I'm thinking about my grandfather, who took his own life a few years back. I wish I had spoken to him more, and wish we could have had even the smallest clue of how unhappy he was," she wrote.

She also detailed her own battle with anxiety and how it has affected her career.

"I know for sure that a lot of my anxiety has come from what they call 'imposter syndrome' - not believing in myself enough and thinking that I don't deserve happiness, which sometimes results in sabotaging your own success."

The singer closed the powerful post on a hopeful note, sharing how her coping mechanisms have helped her be more at peace.

"I keep my head straight by training every day (running and boxing mainly), although it is so hard sometimes to be motivated," she added. "The feeling of blood pumping through my veins and a human body performing the way it so impressively does reminds me how cool it is to be alive."

Goulding has a lot to be thankful for these days - the 32-year-old married art dealer Caspar Jopling in a lavish ceremony in August.

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