Blac Chyna's Assistant Launches Her Dirty Laundry, Claims Son King Cairo Is Scared of Her

Taking to Instagram Stories, Jamaal Terrance exposes the reality TV star's drug and alcohol abuse that make almost everyone who works with her stressed out.

AceShowbiz - One of Blac Chyna's assistants has had enough working with her. Jamaal Terrance took to Instagram Stories on Monday, September 30 to launch her dirty laundry, exposing her drug and alcohol abuse that made almost everyone who worked with her stressed out.

Jamaal shared several screenshots of the text messages that he had with another assistant, ranting about Chyna's drug addiction. He first started by expressing his frustration after the reality TV star told him that she canceled her appearance at an event after making him prepare a lot of things for him. "And the F***ING COCAINE. Literally just want to say F**K THIS S**T. LIKE IM SO STRESSED I CANT TAKE THIS S**T AT ALL," he said in the text.

In a group chat, he told everyone that how they needed to help Chyna get rid of her addiction. He said, "Chyna is an alcoholic but she cant control her intake. This is my last string. If you guys really care please don't bring alcohol or drugs over. And honestly if she asked you can say Jamaal said no to alcohol because honestly her next step maybe be overdose or lost her kids."

Not stopping there, Jamaal posted a screengrab of his text messages with Chyna's nanny, who admitted to be crying every time she heard the mother of two "drunk out there and saying s**t about us to her 'friends' I'm not always sleeping I hear a lot here. And what's sad is if we leave this girl gone lose her kids and see don't see that at all and the drugs and alcohol don't let her see it."

Jamaal later accused Chyna of playing victim and lying before he went on suggesting that he tried to stop her from killing herself four times. However, she ended up stabbing him in the back. Despite what happened, Jamaal said he didn't tell gossip sites about it. Furthermore, Jamaal claimed that her son King Cairo is actually scared of her as saying, "Oh and how King could even go to sleep unless I stayed in his room because he was scared of you."

He said of the former "Rob & Chyna" star in one post, "You're a complete trash and can't wait for your karma come." Jamaal also took to Twitter to say, "Show should've been called 'Surviving Blac Chyna'," referring to "Surviving R. Kelly".

Chyna has yet to respond to this.

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