Future Suspected of Leaving Girl in Empty Home With No Food for Days
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Some others, meanwhile, suggest that Blueface is the rapper who is said to be leaving the girl in his empty house for days without even answering to her calls.

AceShowbiz - There's an interesting discussion going around on social media. A Twitter user who goes by the name Jessie Smooyay recently made a thread about a girl who met up with a rapper, only to be abandoned in an empty home for three days without food. It successfully made people throw suggestion as to who the rapper might be, and Future's name was mentioned a lot.

As for the story itself, it all started after the girl talked to the rapper on Instagram. He then bought her a one-way ticket to his place and promised her to buy her ticket back whenever she felt like going home. In addition to that, the rapper promised to treat her to fancy dinners and take her to parties. Things started going south the moment she arrived at the airport, with the rapper telling the girl to Uber from the airport to his studio.

Obviously, people wouldn't let her in when she arrived at his studio. So she decided to call him, but he didn't answer. Thankfully, the girl managed to meet the rapper after waiting for a while and they eventually went to his home, where they had sex before he left her for the next couple of days because something came up. The rapper told her to contact him if she needed anything, but he never answered when she tried to reach him out.

Making matters worse was the fact that she didn't eat anything after she got there, so she had no choice to drink Voss water that she ordered the night before. The girl had actually tried to order food, but they couldn't get through the front gate because security called his phone and he wouldn't answer. Her suffering didn't end there as on Saturday night, some people come over to have a party, but she was so afraid because the rapper wasn't with the group.

The rapper allegedly only answered to her calls on Sunday, telling her that his house was being renovated and ordered her some food. The food never arrived, though. Fast forward to Monday morning, she left the house to catch her flight, but the security stopped her and made her miss the flight. This prompted the girl to cry at the airport as she tried to rebook the flight. What surprised her was that she saw the rapper walking through the terminal from his gate. But when she called him, the rapper only looked at her and kept walking.

The thread has since gone viral, with people suspecting that Future is the rapper in the story. One asked, "Was it Future I'm getting Future vibes." One other said, "On god it was Future." Someone else commented, "I thought Future when I first clicked on the thread."

Some others, meanwhile, said that it might be Blueface due to his past with women. "This gotta be Blueface. Future would've booked her a room for at least one night," one user argued, while a person simply said, "This sounds like Blueface."

Neither Future nor Blueface has responded to the accusation.

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