Akademiks Launches Nicki Minaj's Dirty Laundry, Drags Drake and Meek Mill Into Their Feud

During a recent Twitch stream, the blogger claimed that the 'Anaconda' rapper was the one who started the male rappers' feud and detailed what she did that caused the beef.

AceShowbiz - Akademiks isn't done exposing Nicki Minaj. After the blogger accused her of threatening him, he continued to roast the female emcee and even dragged both Drake and Meek Mill into their feud as he claimed that she was the one who started the beef between the two rappers.

Saying that he learned of this revelation from a trusted source, Ak alleged that it all started when Nicki and Meek were still romantically involved with each other. At the time, the then-couple went to a high-end clothing store and bought some stuff. Meek reportedly wanted to pay for their order in cash, but then he realized that he didn't have enough on him and asked Nicki to pay with her card.

But instead of paying for both of their stuff, it's reported that Nicki separated her items and only paid for her stuff. She then told Meek, "Drake wouldn't do that s**t." This allegedly prompted Meek to tell people on Twitter not to compare him with Drake again, which officially kicked off their beef.

Besides that, he also claimed that Nicki was the one who actually caused Quentin Miller to get beaten up. Those who remember this incident might recall that Quentin got sucker-punched by Meek's team due to his beef with Drake. However, according to Ak, Nicki was the one behind it. Ak claimed that Meek's crew went back to the car that Nicki was in when they saw Quentin ran to a Nike store. But instead of stopping them, the "Anaconda" rapper mocked them for not doing anything.

Elsewhere during the stream, Akademiks said that Nicki was also the one who blocked Tekashi69 a.k.a. 6ix9ine's Fashion Nova deal and went on calling her brother a pedophile for touching 5-year-old girls. He also dared Nicki to say he's lying because he has proofs and evidence.

Nicki has yet to respond to this.

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