Megan Thee Stallion Flaunts Jaw-Dropping Twerking Skills in Dazzling Booty Shorts

The Hot Girl Summer takes to her Instagram account to treat her 5.2 million followers to a very sexy clip in which she showcases insane twerking skills with her friends hyping her up.

AceShowbiz - Megan Thee Stallion was no stranger to donning revealing clothes. The "Hot Girl Summer" hitmaker continued to live to the image as she rocked sparkly purple crop top which she paired with matching booty shorts for her performance at a "Legendary Nights" tour stop.

The ensemble perfectly showcased her gorgeous curves, and the raptress further made people envious of her bod with her recent Instagram video. She treated her 5.2 million followers to a very sexy clip in which she flaunted insane twerking skills with her friends hyping her up.

"If they don't hype you up like this they ain't ya frennnn," the 24-year-old breakout rapper said. Many fellow celebrities commented on the sultry video. Among them was Lizzo, who left a drooling emoji.

Fans were also blown away with her undoubted skill in that regard. "Howww tf are you dropping it low while on your tippy toes?? Teach me Meg!" one said. "My knees could neverrr," another one commented.

One person noted that her knees were not the only exceptional things in the video, saying, "Also I see a lot of commentary on knee strength but can we highlight the strength of her hip flexors ?!?!" Meanwhile, one fan wondered if "she ever on her damn period," adding, "Cause she stay with either panties or shorts up Her a**."

This arrives after Megan was criticized for "stripper" fashion. "Now because she has a coin she is wearing designer stripper clothes like all the others. There is no style or innovation to anything she wears. Don't have anything against her but her fashions don't deserve a post... next case," one fan slammed Megan. However, her stylist EJ King quickly came to her defense following the backlash.

"Half of the people making comments have nothing to offer this world but hate and negativity," so he began his lengthy response. "The sad part about it is it's only in black culture do we tear down our own kind, and ridicule, judge and disrespect each other for the same s**t that happens in white culture that they are praised over!!!"

"But here you have the most negative s**t to say about a 24-year-old women (sic) performing on stage living out her dream... and being positive influence for other girls to go to school!!!" he continued, mentioning the likes of Lady GaGa, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera as the examples of white stars who received a lot of loves from people.

Concluding his post, EJ encouraged others to "try uplifting each other instead of being the first to tear each other down!!! And let's just be very clear I can give a s**t about the comments I will never be here to defend my work because We love it."

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