The rapper also drags a number of other musicians including Cardi B and Lil Nas X by calling the 'Bodak Yellow' hitmaker 'illiterate' and dubbing the 'Old Town Road' rapper 'trash.'

AceShowbiz - Everyone can agree that Lizzo is one of the uprising stars in the music scene now. The "Truth Hurts" singer recently topped Billboard's Hot 100 for her hit track, and one person appears to be not so thrilled about Lizzo's milestone. Azealia Banks took a harsh jab against the singer in an Instagram comment tirade.

In a post that Azealia had deleted, the rapper attacked Lizzo for both physical appearance and her music. "Lmao the fact that the public and the media has been keeping this fat girl joke going for so long is honestly peak boredom. This song is not good, nor is the dumpy fat girl spectacle live set she does," she wrote. "Saddest bit is that the girl is legit talented and truly only being allowed to shine as long as she allows herself to be this millennial mammy of sorts."

She then compared Lizzo to Queen Latifah, whom she dubbed someone who "was able to represent for larger women without being a disgusting or being a minstrel." Azealia continued, "So was Missy Elliott. Lmao Lizzo is really millennial mammy I'm ready this joke to be over."

In another comment, the rapper went on saying, "imagine what the rest of the world thinks when they see lizzo jumping around in leotards with cellulite ... no one says body positivity - she looks like she is making a fool of her black self for a white American public. Nothing more nothing less .... all of this happening purposely."

Azealia also dragged a number of other musicians in the lengthy rant including Cardi B and Lil Nas X. "Like illiterate Cardi then fat Lizzo. They are really choosing the worst of the black womens crop to advertise America with," she wrote. "I guess they saw us moving too fast with it because if you realize, after Beyonce became political in ways they didn't like the elite stopped giving her that top top spot and started cycling out these lessers like Cardi and Lizzo (even Lil Nas X trash ass buckbreak mountain anthem) giving them Beyonce level accolades while both being no where near the level of black female excellence she is."

Lizzo has yet to respond to the jabs. The singer is currently busy celebrating her scoring her first U.S. chart-topper with "Truth Hurts", which first debuted at 50 back in May. Lizzo, real name Melissa Viviane Jefferson, thanked fans for the achievement, tweeting on September 3, "WE DID IT LIZZBIANS."

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